Great Bear Rainforest

7 - 8 days, Seasonal Departures ,
Fully Escorted by Experienced Naturalist will accompany this tour.
Price: See itinerary
Getting to Bella Bella: Pacific Coastal Airlines provides daily service between Bella Bella and Vancouver International South Terminal. The airline operates a free shuttle bus between Vancouver's main terminal and the South Terminal (every 30 minutes).

You can chose to arrive in Bella Bella the day before the trip, or the morning of the trip. All of our Great Bear Rainforest departures start and finish at 12pm noon. Once you arrive in Bella Bella, the municipal dock where our vessel will be moored, is a short 10 minute taxi ride away. We cover the cost of this shuttle.

Our daily plans are flexible to accommodate the surprises that we encounter each trip, the requirements of tide and weather, and the interests of the group. With so many opportunities to be “wowed”, it’s hard to predict what unique moment will be your favourite memory.
  • Day 1- We meet at the top of the Municipal Dock on the Bella Bella waterfront and leave mid-day to begin our adventure. Note: some departures begin/end in Prince Rupert.
  • Day 2 - 7 - Over the next 6 days, we will travel to a number of areas around the Central Coast such as Campania Sound and Whale Channel - excellent areas for spotting humpback whales and Steller sea lions. We may go ashore in the Gitga’at (Princess Royal Island) Conservancy. We will cruise over to Bishop Bay to enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot springs and spend a day with a Gitga’at native guide, taking us to his favourite bear viewing area. With patience and some luck we will see black bears and the elusive, white Spirit Bear! We may visit the First Nations village of Klemtu or Hartley Bay to see their ceremonial Big Houses. We will voyage deep into the coastal mountains to explore the Fiordland Conservancy where, beneath towering rock bluffs and waterfalls, we will search remote estuaries to see grizzly bears feeding on spawning salmon.
  • Day 8 - We arrive in Bella Bella late morning. Participants can catch the Pacific Coastal Airlines late afternoon flight back to Vancouver.

Tour Includes: All meals from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day; all accommodation onboard ship; skipper, cook, naturalist; full use of all onboard facilities.
Not Included: Transportation to the start point and from the finish point of the trip; any accommodation or meals prior to the start of the trip or after the completion; travel or cancellation insurance; airport transfers and applicable taxes. The only money participants require during the trip is for optional purchases and gratuities for the crew.
Aboard Roamer / Odyssey Duration Price Embark / Disembark Availability
August 27 - September 3
8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Hartley Bay / Bella Bella Call for Availability
August 30 - September  6 8 days   $ 4,445 CDN Bella Bella / Bella Bella Booking Now!**
September 4 - 11 8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Bella Bella / Hartley Bay Space Available
September 7 - 14
8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Bella Bella / Bella Bella Space Available
September 12 - 19 8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Hartley Bay / Bella Bella Booked
September 15 - 22 8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Bella Bella / Bella Bella Booked
September 20 - 27 8 days   $ 4,265 CDN Bella Bella / Hartley Bay Call for Availability
September 23 - 29
7 days   $ 3,850 CDN Bella Bella / Hartley Bay Booked
September 28 - October 5 8 days**   $ 4,445 CDN Hartley Bay / Bella Bella Space Available**
September 30 - October 6 7 days   $ 3,850 CDN Hartley Bay / Bella Bella Call for Availability
** Includes 2 days at the bear stands

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