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Tambopata Research Centre

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  One of the first and most famous ecolodges in Peru, TRC is located adjacent to the world's largest known clay lick. The clay lick attracts a fantastic number of macaws, parrots, parakeets and more every morning in a spectacle of nature. There are several trails and guided hikes from the lodge which is located abut 5-6 hours upriver from Puerto Maldonado.

Guides here are young, English-speaking Peruvian biologists. An experienced, well-trained staff hired at a 2.5:1 tourist to staff ratio assures excellent service throughout your stay. Walks on trails are kept at a 6:1 tourist to guide ratio, increasing wildlife encounter opportunities. Natural history attractions include world’s largest known macaw clay lick, over twenty five identified macaw nesting sites; primates and other larger mammals and a high bird diversity.

Each bedroom is furnished with two beds draped in mosquito netting, a chair, a night table with a kerosene windlamp, and a table for luggage and clothing. Each room is also designed to have a permanent, unobstacled view of the forest surrounding the clearing in order to maximize wildlife observation time: the wall looking out into the forest is a waist-high verandah. To the left of the main building a 20 foot-long, roofed passageway connects to the bathrooms containing 4 flush toilets and 4 shower stalls, offering cold water only. To the right of the main building a 15 foot-long, roofed passageway connects to the dining and meeting room which in turn is connected to the kitchen. Buffet meals combine international, Peruvian and local cuisine. Vegetarians are welcome.

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Guided tours of the surroundings are provided by trained naturalists.


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