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Posada Amazonas, Peru

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  The lodge was built by combining traditional native architecture and aterials (wood, palm fronds, wild cane and clay) with modern, low-impact, eco-lodge technology. Room size (7X4 meters) keeps them airy and well – ventilated. Clay walls regulate heat while providing a charming final appereance. Visitors are in permanent contact with the forest: the wall looking into the forest is a waist-high verandah. Private bathrooms with showers and flush toilets. The rooms are 7 x 4 meters, holding three beds comfortably, although they are set up for two. The walls dividing each room are built using cane and clay: the combination of clay and cane achieves English-speaking Peruvian naturalists: the unsurpassable field lore of the former complements the technical knowledge and communication skills of the latter. Our lodge staff not only sets the regional standard for quality service but is also made up of a majority of Ese’eja community members, providing valuable income from tourism to their families. two important objectives: acting as thermal regulators and providing a charming final look. Each room has a large window facing the forest, and a second small window on the opposite side, set up very high, to keep the rooms well ventilated. Beds are sized for Americans or Europeans (1.05m X 2.05m) with mosquito nets. Each room has a private bathroom with cold water only. THE CANOPY TOWER

At Posada Amazonas we have constructed a 35 meter scaffolding tower that allows easy access into the canopy. Located on a trail fifteen minutes from the lodge, the huge tower is built using scaffolding pieces guyed to cement blocks buried under the ground, providing safe anchorage. The scaffolding pieces provide the structure for an internal, bannistered staircase with wide wooden steps that allow guests to easily climb the six or seven stories to the platform at the top. The staircase has floors at every level that allow for rests, and an ample platform at the top to enjoy the canopy.

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Guided tours of the surroundings are provided by trained naturalists.


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