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Costa Rica Sarapquis Nature Lodge

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  La Quinta (Country Inn) exemplifies the resilience of the tropical rainforest. In 1993 the site of the inn was a farm, cleared of most of its trees and natural vegetation. Careful planning and giving nature a chance has resulted in a remarkable recovery to date.

The Inn has established specific habitat to attract butterflies, birds and frogs. Practically anything will grow in this environment, in fact ten percent of the earth's bio-diversity is present in Costa Rica and the lowland humid rainforest, of Sarapiqui provides limitless opportunities for the eco-tourist.

This is a great place for families, individuals and groups interested in learning about the natural history of Costa Rica. You can also visit the nearby villages and meet local people. There are excellent sleeping rooms and a restaurant on site. This area of Costa Rica is dominated by lowland rainforests which butt up against the central mountain ranges making for a lush, warm interior region. Rivers flow through the area offering rafting tours and float trips.

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Guided tours of the surroundings are provided by trained naturalists.


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