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Costa Rica - Corcovado National Park

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  Corcovado is on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and it is the wettest place you'll ever visit if you come in the rainy season. Aside from the permanently mounted tents, there is a great observation lounge, really quite wonderful food in their family style dining room and an ablution block with showers and toilets.But, really it's the fantastic beach walks, rainforest hikes and amazing remoteness that are so magical. The guides here are very good and are deeply committed to showing you the best of this very, very rare and special place.
You have to be fit to come here - it is a short, 20 minute hike along the beach from Carate where the last taxi on earth will drop you.(You can also fly in by charter plane for a reasonable rate.)
The most unique attraction must the canopy platform. This platform is 30 metres (100 feet or so) above the ground. You are winched up by young men with strong arms. If you think getting up is fun, wait till you have to step off the platform to go down..... Like Nowhere Else On Earth.
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