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Central Chile

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  Off the beaten tourist paths, but only three hours away from the capital Santiago, the region of Maule is awaiting with incomparable natural beauty. In Talca -the capital of the region- you will find busy shopping streets, a beautiful square in the center and a lot of old colonial buildings. The area which surrounds Talca is home to the Huasos, the Chilean cowboys. And there are a lot of sleepy haciendas from colonial times...

Due to the Mediterranean climate, long and warm summers from November to April are virtually guaranteed. There are lots of vineyards to visit; the pacific coast can be reached in a slow train, virgin forests and the majestic mountains of the Andes... all this combines to create the recreational oasis of this region. Being the transitional zone between desert and rainforest the region has an extremely varyied flora and fauna: rainforest, enormous sandhills, cactus, elegant black-necked swans and cute penguins, and finally the proud king of the Andes: the condor. Different day excursions, starting from the hotel allow us to explore this unknown region.

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Guided tours of the surroundings are provided by trained naturalists.


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