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Brazil Mamiraua Model Ecolodge.

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  The Mamirauá Reserve is the largest protected flooded Forest in the world. It protects a rich ecosystem with some endemic and threatened species. There are about 35 species of mammals, 360 of birds, 79 reptiles and more than 300 species of fish. Due to this ecosystem characteristics, and as a result of over 15 years of conservation, Mamirauá is today inhabited by animals that are difficult to observe in areas closer to Manaus. Primates (9 spp.) are easily sighted in Mamirauá and represent the one of its best attractions. The flagship species is the endemic and charismatic white-uakari monkey (Cacajao calvus calvus). Encounters with sloths are also common. The presence of two species of dolphins shows the richness underwater. Birds are abundant and species diversity is high, including 32 species of raptors (Harpia Harpyja included), 19 species of parrots and macaws, 6 species of toucans, hoatzins and curassows (including the razor-billed curassow Mitum tuberosum). Among the reptiles, the most easily seen are the black caimans (Melanosochus niger), the largest predators in South America in Mamiraua show the highest abundance rates known for the Amazon.

The Uakari Lodge is linked to the Mamirauá Institute’s Ecotourism Program. Its planning and development were carried out in the past 10 years by local communities, researchers and technicians of the Institute. The Uakari Lodge was created to provide services for ecotourists that have great interest in the Amazon as well as in its conservation. The Lodge is inserted inside a pioneering conservation project in Brazil (the Mamirauá Reserve). Its main objectives are to generate income for the local communities, to strengthen their organization and to create incentives so that these communities promote the conservation of the natural resources of the area. The Uacari Lodge generates income through the purchase of local products and services and through the division of its profits among local communities – which are invested in projects for the improvement of the quality of life in the communities. The lodge also supports local research projects that generate scientific subsidies for the conservation of the natural area.

The Uakari Lodge is composed by seven floating structures made out of wood and covered with thatch. These structure float because were built on floating timber. They are all connected through floating runways. The Lodge was designed for minimum environmental impact, with appropriate technologies such as rainwater collection, solar power for lighting and water heating, and a sewage filtration system. The lodge has only 10 apartments with bathrooms and the capacity to accommodate in total 20 people at a time.
The lodge also has a central floating structure with reception area, restaurant, bar, TV room, library and conference room.

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