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Brazil Cristalino Model Ecolodge

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  The Cristalino Jungle Lodge is nestled in a private forest reserve in the Southern Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It borders the Cristalino State Park and is therefore part of a continuous extensive protected area that extends northward into the adjacent state of Pará. This unique region contains many species found only in this part of the Amazon. The area contains pristine forest and aquatic habitats that support a very rich fauna and flora, and it has been described as an Amazon sanctuary.

The lodge has become an internationally famous destination for nature lovers of all types, in particular birders and butterfly enthusiasts, but also attracts those seeking adventure in a peaceful, exotic location. Our facilities include an extensive trail system, a new 50m-tall tower that rises above the forest canopy, and a clean black-water river where one can canoe and swim. Well-trained resident guides assist visitors to find interesting wildlife and to interpret what they see whilst simultaneously looking after their safety. We have equipment for use in the forest and a library to help visitors identify and learn about what they see, and the lodge is designed to combine rustic comfort with respect for nature. The number of tourists that can visit Cristalino at any one time is limited to ensure that there is minimal environmental impact.

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Guided tours of the surroundings are provided by trained naturalists.


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